Michelle Red Hawk
Taming the Wolf
Spirit Animal
Salmon woman
Tigers Blood
Trail of tears
solar baby

My first love is illustration, and I believe that this attention to story shows in all of my art. My paintings are done in watercolor with ink line work and are expressive in nature. I love to paint something in which others can find their own story–one I never would have thought of myself. In painting people, I am telling the story of their relationships, of the moment I am capturing, and maybe of the special quality that defines who they are. 
I choose bright colors for my art and will sometimes add in multi-media, such as acrylic or colored pencil, in order to add intrigue.  Currently, I am at work mainly on portraits and I enjoy the opportunity to be able to capture something of the people whom I am privileged to paint. I am also doing children's book art and barn animal paintings with unexpected colors. I plan to work more on children’s book style illustration, which is my original inspiration, and am also available to create images for posters, blog banners, business art, non-profits and personal use.